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Though we come from different places of origin, the origin of our thoughts, speech, and actions is still the same for all – and that is the mind. In fact, it is the mind where we make a decision to fight or be at peace with the people around us. It is the mind, where our power lies. This is what we realized in the morning meditation session at a 5-day “Integration Dialogue” that took place in Dobele, Latvia from September 14th to 18th and gathered people of different foreign origin (Spain, India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Brazil etc.) who have chosen Latvia as a place to study, launch business or simply live at.

The mind is what unites us because we all go through the same problems, we all struggle and have daily challenges to solve, and we all have the same needs and wants to be accepted, loved and respected in the society where we live in. And it doesn’t matter if the country where we live in is the country where we were born or not – we are still human beings to each other wherever we decide to reside.

Thanks to the Make Room kind invitation, I was honored to demonstrate meditation as a tool that directly tackles the mind, the origin of our thoughts, speech, and actions. By meditating, we clear our mind from all the external worries, obstacles, anger, greed and jealousy that cloud our perception and make us speak or act in a wrong way which may be harmful to others. Once we clear our mind with being still and bringing our attention inwards, we see our true self, which is pure, kind and loving; and that is when we are able to understand others better sharing our empathy and compassion towards everyone in the society.

So, why not our integration, acceptance, and tolerance start in the mind that is pure and clear – and this is how we will lead towards a more inclusive society focusing on similarities that we all share rather than differences.

by: Agnija Kazuša | Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator


Erasmus+ supported project activity “Integration Dialogue” Forum in Dobele, Latvia. In the recent years, Latvia has become one of the popular destinations among youth from across Europe and Asia to pursue a higher education degree, launch a business or a place of employment. In the past two years, the number of foreign students across Latvian major higher education institutions has doubled, but most of the students who have chosen Latvia as a destination for higher education decide to leave after completing studies. Foreign students who have chosen Latvia to pursue a higher education degree should be encouraged and have the right to take part as active citizens in creating Latvia – a favourable and welcoming to people of foreign origin. Often foreign students based on origin, ethnicity, religion and/or socio-economic status face plenty of challenges and are being discriminated against e.g. bullying and issues finding accommodation because of the color of skin and are being cheated and/or misled by public authorities/society because of the language barrier.

Read more about the project and view pictures of the Forum in Dobele – click here!

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    So glad to have glimpsed the good activities being done by Make Room now globally..

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      Hi! Thank you very much for your kind words! We highly appreciate!

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